With the New Year fast approaching, most of us will be listing down our New Year’s resolutions.

Business owners also have a set of resolutions like earning more profit, gaining new customers, and improving their business overall. But have you considered focusing your efforts on improving your brick and mortar?

An exterior improvement to your commercial establishment could serve you well this year. Keeping your business sturdy and durable so that it can serve you better and longer is in your best interests.

Fortunately, A & L Foam Insulation, Inc. never tires of advocating for the importance of roof care. We recommend you add the following to your New Year resolutions.

Schedule Regular Roofing Inspections

It’s easy to scrutinize your building during a careful walkthrough of all the rooms and extensions. Determining your commercial roof’s condition with just a look, however, is a different story.

Most business owners are unable to spot the roofing system’s flaws until it’s too late.

Instead of dealing with more difficult problems in the future, have a roofing expert inspect your building’s roof. Inspectors will walk on the roof and search for problem areas that indicate leaks or rot. They will also check every inch of the roof, including the shingles.

Once they’ve inspected all aspects of the roof, they will recommend either preventive measures (e.g., spray foam roofing insulation) or restoration services.  

Promote Better Water Flow

As part of your regular roof inspection, check if your building’s water runoff is still working efficiently. All drains, gutters, and downspouts should be clean and clear at all times.

Your downspouts should also funnel water away from the building; it shouldn’t accumulate water near the establishment’s perimeter.

Have an expert replace worn-out gutters with larger-sized ones to allow greater water flow.

Prioritize Roof Cleaning

Your roof is exposed to the elements day in and day out. Naturally, it will collect dirt and debris.

While the rain can wash off some of the dirt, it can’t do magic on the dark stains or stubborn mold caused by moisture, fungus, and moss.  

Cleaning your roof will not only improve its look, but it will also maintain its functionality.

Additionally, eliminating debris buildup and leaves can reduce the risk of mold and mildew and prolong its lifespan.

Don’t Avoid Minor Repairs

Some business owners brush off the “small” repairs: a missing shingle, minor leaks, and broken tiles.

But neglecting to address these minor problems may cause them to worsen over time. It’s possible that they’d lead to more serious concerns that are not so easily fixed.

Instead of ignoring that small hole in the roof, do something about it as soon as you spot it.

You don’t have to do all the repairs at once; one repair per weekend or month should be enough to get everything done before the next year ends.

The New Year calls for new roofing practices that keep your roof in good condition all year round. Fulfill your resolutions with help from A & L Foam Insulation, Inc.

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