Restoration Roofing Irving TX

If you need help with restoration roofing in Irving, TX, A&L Foam has the know-how and excellent customer service to meet your needs. We have been serving the Irving TX and greater Dallas areas for over thirty years. We’ve been in business this long because we’re the best foam insulation and roofing contractors.

Hail Damage Repair & Recoat

Let’s face it, sometimes inclement weather can cause damage to your roof. It’s just a fact of life. But with a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof you can rest easy knowing that roof repair is minimal if at all necessary. Many businesses choose SPF for their commercial roofing needs because it is an extremely durable option.

Wind damage, hail damage or water damage on a traditional roof can become a huge headache. Oftentimes repair of such damage can call for replacement of large sections, or even the entire roof. But SPF roofs usually do not see water damage.

The foam we use expands to over 30 times its original size when installed and fills in all cracks or crevices to provide a completely waterproof roof. SPF roofs can even handle inch size balls of hail without issue. And when repairs are necessary, it can be as simple as applying sealant to any gouges. When replacement is necessary, you won’t have to remove the entire roof. Small damaged sections can be taken out and SPF can be reapplied to that section.

If you have an insurance claim, we are happy to work with you and your insurance company to make sure your roof is taken care of the right way and with no obstruction to your daily business.

Cool Roofing Irving TX

A&L Foam was doing cool roofs before they became the ecofriendly trend. We saw the value of an environmentally friendly option in roofing and started the trend! SPF is an incredible material for keeping your cooling costs down. So much so that we have worked with commercial customers who want to insulate their walls too. We’ve been contacted to insulate refrigeration and cold storage systems for businesses. The expansion of SPF helps completely seal areas from water or air penetration. This vapor barrier helps completely remove the problem of mold or mildew that comes from “building sweat.”

Year-Round Cost Savings

Whether heating or cooling, your business is sure to benefit from the temperature stability that comes from a spray polyurethane foam roof. In the hottest months, and SPF roof helps to insulate against the hot weather. SPF roofs are even coated with a sealant that helps to reflect away the sun’s rays, making SPF roofs even cooler.

And the insulation provided by SPF roofs is the same for heating your space. In the coolest months, SPF works to keep your HVAC system from cycling as little as possible. This saves from overuse and possible equipment fault.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re in the Dallas / Fort Worth or surrounding areas, contact us today to set up your consultation. We will be happy to show you the professionalism and customer service that comes for over 30 years in the roofing business.


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