From December 2018 to January 2019, the winter weather in North Texas was expected to be milder than in other parts of the state. It could have been rainy one week, then sunny for the next few days. But who knows what will come in February and beyond?

Nevertheless, you need to make sure your commercial roof can withstand possible heavy rains or snow showers this season. After all, the roof is your building’s first line of defense from harsh weather elements.

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect

It is recommended to conduct at least two roof inspections each year: one in the spring to find and address any damage the winter season caused, and another in the fall to prepare for winter.

If you haven’t done any roof inspection this year, now’s the time to do so.

Hire a roofing company to check everything — from the decking and flashing to each surface membrane. If they find any split seams, cracks, holes, or blisters, have them fix the issues right away.

In turn, you reduce the risk of leaks, or worse, a whole section of the roof collapsing, during snowstorms or strong winds.

Clean Before the Snow Comes In

Once snow piles up in the roof, it can be harder for you or anyone to get to the roof’s gutters and drains. So before heavy snow comes in, get your staff to discard leaves, twigs, and other debris that cover the roof’s surface and gutters.

Remember, during heavy rain or snowfall, leaves and debris can get stuck in gutters, clogging them and causing the rainwater to overflow. This can damage the roof and potentially affect the exterior of your building.

Plus, the added weight of wet leaves and pooled water in the gutter can cause it to pull loose from its anchor point and collapse.

The simple act of making sure your roof is clean before snow piles up can help you avoid hefty roof and building repair costs in the spring, so don’t skip this task on your to-do list before the bulk of winter is here.

Prevent Ice Dams with Better Insulation

It takes a large amount of snow to cause an entire commercial roof to collapse. But when the snow melts, refreezes, and turns into ice dams, you have a huge problem.

Ice dams can cause leaks, damage roof shingles, and affect the integrity of the entire roof. Here’s the thing, though: ice dams can only form if your building is under-insulated.

So, insulate your roof better before the snow comes in!

Here at A &L Foam Insulation, Inc., we recommend spray foam insulation. It has high R-value, so it has great insulating power. And we apply it on your roof substrate to keep the warm air inside your building from seeping through the roof and causing the snow to melt.

Our insulation can cover hard-to-reach areas and expand to over 30 times its original size, providing effective air seals and insulation to your roof.

Don’t wait for the snowstorms and strong winds to come in Irving before you start prepping your roof. As a business owner, you should know that anticipating a disaster and preparing for it is always a smart, more cost-effective move.

Give us a call if you need commercial roof insulation today.