Many people tend to think of insulation only when the frigid winds pick up and the number on the thermometer starts to drop. The truth is, it’s essential to install proper insulation regardless of the outdoor temperatures, as it could bring various comfort, cost, and ecological advantages.

When you’re constructing a new building, remodeling your current space, or simply changing the existing insulation, consult this checklist to avoid costly mistakes:

Insulation Type

There are, essentially, four types of insulation: two types of spray-in foams and two types of batts, and each kind has its own advantages and drawbacks.

  • Batt Insulation – Batts, both cotton and fiberglass, fit in perfectly between standard-sized gaps between ceilings and walls. Batts are great barriers against moisture; they are easy to install and very economical. Cotton batts made from recycled denim jeans are more eco-friendly, although they come at a higher price. Fiberglass batts, while seen as a sturdier option, may pose health risks to the building’s tenants.
  • Spray-In Insulation – Spray-in foams work well for the odd-shaped and hard-to-reach areas. Open cell polyurethane foam is soft, lightweight, and they offer better insulation value as well as better protection against drafts. Closed cell foam, meanwhile, provides greater insulation value and moisture protection as it strengthens the structure.


R-value or thermal resistance is the transfer of heat between the buildings’s exterior and interior. With higher R-values, there is greater resistance and therefore, less transfer. As there is less heat conduction, you can save more and help the environment. The R-value for buildings typically range anywhere between R-15 up to R-19 for walls and up to R-38 for topmost floors.

Talk to your contractor about how to achieve the ideal R-value for certain rooms in the building. The experts at A&L Foam Insulation & Roofing have almost three decades of industry experience, and you can talk to us about improving the R-value in your commercial or industrial space through Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) roofing and insulation. We are one of the oldest and most trusted contractors in Texas, and you can count on our team to install quality, long-lasting comfort solutions.

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