Allergy season is here, and wreaking havoc on nearly everyone. If you are one of the 60 million Americans who suffer from allergies, then you know how miserable this beautiful weather can be. What’s even worse than having outdoor allergies is having them follow you indoors as well. People suffering from allergies get less sleep on average and get less actual rest when they are sleeping. When you are not well rested, it becomes more difficult for your body to fight off allergies. This is a vicious cycle.

Outdoor irritants sneaking in through poorly insulated homes cause much of this discomfort. Old insulation techniques leave many small gaps, leading to drafty rooms, dust or pollen infiltration, pest or insect infestations, and unwanted condensation. All of the aforementioned problems can cause the air to become less sanitary overall. Pollen and dust can make it hard to breathe. Infestations and mold will make you sick, just from breathing in the tainted air around them. To top it all off, outdated insulation techniques lead to much higher energy bills this is according to A &L Spray Insulation of Irving TX.

Spray foam insulation is the solution to all of these problems. When applied, spray foam expands rapidly and fills almost all the small cracks and crevices traditional insulating techniques simply can’t. This expansion creates a barrier, which keeps almost all outdoor irritants from entering your home. At the same time, cool air is kept in longer. Moisture is not able to seep in through this seal and create still water, which can lead to mold or breeding grounds for vermin and insects. Additionally, spray foam helps to keep rodents and bugs at bay by denying them easy access to your home. With no point of entry or water to sustain them, infestations are easily prevented.