Water pollution, air pollution, and gas emissions are some of the most pressing environmental issues that the entire world is facing. And people are increasingly concerned about these issues and constantly look for ways to alleviate — if not solve — them.

As a result, more consumers are attracted to companies that offer green products and adopt eco-friendly practices. Have you considered going green yet?

Contribute to a better environment and attract more customers at the same time by investing in cool roofing. It is an eco-friendly type of roofing that keeps your cooling costs down. Here is why you should consider it the next time you renovate or restore the roofing of your Irving establishment.

What Is a Cool Roof?

People typically wear light-colored clothing to stay cool on sunny days. Similarly, you can switch to cool roofing that absorbs less heat than the regular type of roof.

This type of roofing can stay 50°F cooler than standard roofs under the summer sun. It is typically made from reflective paint, a sheet covering, or reflective tiles — all of these options protect your roof from warm weather conditions in Texas.

Cool roof coatings, which have white or reflective pigments, are a great reflector of sunlight. These coatings are like thick paint that protects your roof’s surface from ultra-violet rays and chemical damage. Some coatings even offer water protection and restorative features.

Ultimately, the coating you use to make your roof cooler depends on the type of roofing you have. For example, you can replace metal or wood roof shingles with cool asphalt shingles.

For tile roofs, you can invest in surface treatments that increase solar reflector features. For metal roofs that are already good solar reflectors, you can paint over the roofing for better thermal emission.

You can even switch to green roofs that reduce the urban heat island effect.

Why Should You Invest in Cool Roofing?

When you want to have a more eco-friendly establishment, you can start with switching to a cool roof. First, this type of commercial roofing reduces local air temperature. Second, it reduces the demand for electricity, resulting in a lower likelihood of power outages.

It also reduces the use of cooling energy, leading to lower emission of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide, and mercury.

Cool roofs are more than a novelty that you can brag about to environmentally conscious customers. You can actually benefit from cool roofs in a number of ways:

  • They decrease air conditioning needs, effectively reducing energy bills.
  • They decrease roof temperature, potentially increasing the lifespan of your roof.
  • They regulate temperature and increase comfort in non-air conditioned indoor spaces.

If you are building a new establishment, you can discuss the type of roof to install during the planning phase. If you have an existing establishment, however, you may consider re-covering the roof with a waterproofing surface, retrofitting it with heat-reflective material, or replacing it with a cool one.

Switch to a Cool Roof Today!

A & L Foam Insulation, Inc. sees the value in eco-friendly commercial roofing options. For this reason, we provide cool roofing services in Irving and Dallas, Texas.

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