If you are thinking about making upgrades to the roof for your commercial establishment, one of the solutions you can consider is foam roofing. This solution is an excellent investment, as it offers numerous advantages, such as being lightweight and seamless. Your commercial establishment can benefit from having a high-quality foam roof, especially when you notice these signs in your building.

Leaks are a Regular Problem

A leak occurs when the shingles of the roof fall off, or a puncture develops in the material that forms the base of the roof’s structure. If you find yourself shelling out cash to have your leaks repaired regularly, it’s possible that you have a deteriorating roof. Fortunately, you can fix this by applying a foam roof solution. Leaks seldom develop in a foam roof, even during harsh rainstorms.

You Find Storms as a Major Problem

Speaking of bad weather, you may want to go for foam roofing if you live in an area where strong winds and rainstorms are common. Although there is no way prevent damage to your roof completely, foam roofs can deliver better protection due to its airtight and waterproof capabilities.

The Cost of Constantly Replacing Your Roof Troubles You

Although some commercial roofs are easy on the pocket, they do not last long. Investing in a foam roof will cost you more at the start, but will pay off in the long term. Most foam roofs will last five decades, which is longer than conventional roofs.

You Don’t Want to Harm the Environment

One of the most eco-friendly roofing materials that you can apply to your commercial building is a foam roof. This roofing solution does not contain Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a compound that depletes the ozone layer. On top of that, a foam roof has a low emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which react with other pollutants and negatively affect the air quality. Given that foam roofing reduces CFCs and VOCs in the environment, a foam roof is indeed an excellent choice for keeping the environment safe.

The Cooling Bills in Your Commercial Establishment are Going Up

Apart from being environmentally friendly, a foam roof can make your commercial building more energy efficient. When the foam expands, it will prevent any air from escaping. This keeps the cold air coming from your air conditioning unit inside for longer and helps maintain a comfortable temperature. Moreover, you can expect your cooling bill to lower, translating to substantial cost savings for your business.

If you need a reliable company that transforms the roof of your commercial establishment into a foam roof, turn to A & L Foam Insulation, Inc. We spray polyurethane foam on the roof substrate, which expands to mirror whatever material it adheres to and fills cracks. When we do foam roofing on your building, you can expect minimal to no disruption in your daily business activities.

Reach out to us today to find out if our spray polyurethane foam roof is right for you.