Sixteen-year-old Greta Thunberg is breaking the internet with her aggressive campaign on climate change action. In one of her heated speeches, she said “I want you to act as if your house is on fire. Because it is.”

Climate change continues to rear its ugly head across the globe. And the consequences are graver than ever, from the death of Iceland’s Okjokull glacier to multiple catastrophic wildfires in the US.

The melting of polar ice caps and glaciers is proof that the Earth is warming. For businesses, rising temperatures mean facing a risk of increased energy bills and discomfort for employees and customers alike.

One way to heatproof your commercial building is to install cool roofs.

What are Cool Roofs?

Cool roofing means reflecting sunlight, allowing the building to absorb less heat. Cool roofs have reflective surfaces, so the sun rays bounce instead of penetrating indoors. The outermost layer of the roof can be made of a reflective kind of paint, tiles or shingles, or a sheet covering.

Cool roofs help create more energy-efficient buildings. You decrease your air-conditioning needs since the interior isn’t that hot, helping you manage or reduce your energy bills.

Painting your roof white is one method of cool roofing. Most people believe that painting roofs a lighter color instantly reduces its temperature. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon confirmed this popular belief. He said that the temperature reduction of the roof can reach as much as 30 degrees. The internal temperature, on the other hand, can decrease to as much as seven degrees.

Apart from applying a fresh coat of paint, spray foam roofing systems are also an effective way to cool homes. The technician applies the polyurethane foam using a spray gun, forming a solid barrier on the roof. The foam has an outer protective layer with a reflective surface to deflect sunlight.

Cool roofs do more than heatproof your building. The roofing system may contribute to a global movement called climate engineering.

Climate Engineering

Many scientists are pushing for climate engineering to curb the effects of global warming or climate change. Geoengineering, another term for climate engineering, is a large-scale movement aimed at actively intervening with the Earth’s climate system, instead of merely reacting to disasters.

One example of climate engineering is reflecting solar energy back to space to cool the Earth, instead of just blocking sun rays. This technique can be easily carried out on an industrial level, allowing businesses to participate in the climate engineering movement.

When you install cool roofs, you do more than protect your building. You help protect the environment.

A&L Foam has been cooling buildings through roofing way before the climate engineering movement gained traction.

Cool Roofing for Reduced Energy Costs and Geoengineering

We know the value of an environmentally conscious option and started using spray polyurethane foam (SPF) to keep a building’s temperature comfortable and your cooling costs manageable. And we’ve had plenty of spray foam insulation projects that help commercial customers protect their buildings not just from sunlight, but from water and air penetration as well.

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