From afar, your roof may seem to be in tip-top shape. The color is great, the shingles look fine, and there aren’t any leaks. If you think your roof is in as good condition today as when it was first built years ago, however, think again. Your roof’s materials will still deteriorate even when the condition isn’t obvious at first glance.

Sometimes, it’s not enough to look for leaks and holes. Roofs (particularly the bigger and older ones) carry hidden signs of damage. Failure to spot these signs will lead to more serious problems in the future.

Understanding the subtle signs of roof damage spares your home or commercial property from bigger expenses due to worsening conditions. Our roofing restoration experts in TX recommend looking out for the following:

Curling Shingles

Curled shingles, flapping corners, and buckled edges require your immediate attention. When neglected, the cumulative effects of moisture, sunlight, and inclement weather will wear down your roofing. As a result, they will start to curl upwards and expose the roof’s underside.

Roof Valleys

Is your roof missing more than a couple of shingles? You may need a new roof.

Roof valleys are evidence of worn-out or removed shingles. Rain and snow frequently travel through these valleys — eventually landing in the gutter. Unprotected valleys are susceptible to erosion. These can also harbor mold that riddles your roof with holes.

Gutters Filled with Granules

Worn-out gutters lose shingle granules that end up in the gutters. The presence of shingle granules results in darker-colored roofs, which is another warning sign. If you spot tar, your roof might be sustaining deeper damage than you can see.

Worn-out Chimney

Your chimney is also an indicator of hidden roofing issues. If it’s flashing, you’ll find blank spots, holes, and weak points. In worse cases, your chimney may no longer be above your roof’s level. This confirms the presence of holes in your roof.

A Higher Electric Bill

Has your utility bill been rising in recent years without any apparent reason? This may be due to inefficient insulation. Damaged roofs allow moisture to permeate into the insulation, which leads to loss of thermal insulation. If your roof absorbs instead of reflects heat, you lose energy, resulting in higher cooling or heating bills.

What’s The Next Step?

Instead of allowing hidden damage to compromise your roof, it’s best to address the problem now.

A do-it-yourself roof inspection can be helpful when you know what you’re doing, but it doesn’t always catch every issue. In most cases, you’ll need a team of trained professional to see everything — even the hidden damage.

A & L Foam Insulation, Inc. can also help you out. Our restoration team in TX possesses the know-how to restore your roof. We use spray polyurethane foam (SPF) to fill cracks and crevices. We also apply SPF to small damaged sections to prevent your roof from deteriorating further.

Upon installation, our foam expands to over 30 times its original size. Its expansion completely seals areas from air or water penetration, which keeps your utility costs down in the long run. Trust our team to restore your roof to its prime condition.

Your roof is a valuable part of your residential or commercial property. Strengthen it with A & L Foam Insulation.  If you’re in Fort Worth, Dallas, or other surrounding areas, get in touch with us today to schedule your consultation.